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Cybix Plans

Cybix makes it easy! Start building your website in one click with simple and affordable pricing. You can also add a domain name to look professional 💯.

Pro Monthly


✔ eCommerce

✔ Connect your Domain

✔ Free Business emails

✔ Free SSL Certificate

✔ Daily Account Backup

✔ Hosting Support via Email

✔ Interactive Guide

Pro Yearly


✔ eCommerce

✔ All Pro Monthly Features

✔ Instant Savings

1 Hour of Free Live Chat Support from our experts.

When clicking on "Get Started" you will have the option to start your website builder with a Subdomain or Domain Name. Domain Names are an additional price depending on the TLD you choose. All plans prices are based on the user choosing a subdomain at checkout.

eCommerce Features

Check your Orders

Shopping Cart

Set Tax Rules

Inventory Management

Set Minimum Order Price

Set Shipping Method

Set Destination Zones

Accept Payments using 17 Gateways

Set to Require Billing/Shipping Information

Domain Pricing

.com Domain





.co Domain

$13.40 /1st yr


1. What is a Domain Name?

A Domain Name is something unique that identifies you or your business. Example, is a domain and cybix would be the unique thing that identifies the website. Now .co is what we call TLD, currently there are over 1,500+ TLDs, most common .com, .net, .org, etc.

2. What is a Subdomain?

A subdomain is an additional part to a main domain name. Example,, here mybusiness. is the subdomain, and is the main domain name.

3. Domain vs Subdomain, which one should I choose?

We offer the option to create your website with a subdomain to offset the cost of a Domain Name until your business or website is ready to be online with your unique name. Once you're ready, you can purchase a Domain Name to be able to share your customers the name of your company or anything you would like to register. Example, or

4. Can I start my website with a template?

Yes you can! Cybix gives you more than 200 templates to choose from. It's easy as picking the one you like, changing all texts, images, colors to what represents your business and publish.

5. Do I need coding skills to build my website?

Not at all. Cybix is easy to use, very intuitive. Drag and drop any feature you want, give it your look and publish it.